Welcome to the Institute of Numerical Methods and Informatics in Civil Engineering (IIB)

Our focus in research and teaching is on computer-based methods for modeling and simulation in engineering science tasks. This includes design, development and application of modern procedures, methods and demonstrators of information and communication technology for building design, construction, management and interaction with the environment in terms of the digital transformation of engineering tasks.

Lectures winter term 2019 / 2020

Course Lecturer Adviser CP Time Place
Basics of coumputer science in Engineering (GDI) Rüppel Huyeng 6 Fr
13:30 – 15:10
L4|02 1/2
Informatics in Civil and Environmental Engineering 1 (IIB 1) Rüppel Shi 6 We
11:40 – 13:20
L5|01 45b
High Performance Engineering Simulations (HSI) Lämmer Scheich 6 Mo
13:30 – 15:10
L5|01 45a
Knowledge-based BIM/CAD (BIM/CAD) Rüppel Thiele 6 Mo
16:15 – 17:55
L5|01 43


  • 2019/10/30

    Game night at IIB

    Game night at IIB (Photo: Hoffmann)

    A 'Thank you' to our student assisstants

    On Thursday, 10.10.2019, a game night took place at the IIB. Since a barbecue ban was declared once again this year in Darmstadt, the Institute used this opportunity instead to thank the student assistants for the preparation and supervision of the courses as well as the support in the various research projects.

  • 2019/09/18

    Exploration of the Berlin Underworlds

    31st Forum Bauinformatik [1]

    News from the institute

    The 31st edition of the Forum Bauinformatik, an annual conference especially for young scientists in the field of informatics in civil engineering, took place in Berlin this year. Since 1993, the Institute has participated in the Forum Bauinformatik on an ongoing basis in order to present research work, discuss problems on a subject-specific basis and inform itself about the latest state of research. As always, various contributions on diverse research topics were published and presented.

  • 2019/09/04

    Reinforcements over the Summer

    New at IIB: Luisa Kuhn

    News from the institute

    The Institute for Numerical Methods and Informatics in Civil Engineering has been further strengthened on 01.08.2019. After welcoming Patrick Scheich, M. Sc., who took up his activity at the institute in February this year, Luisa Kuhn, M.Sc. now starts her path as a research assistant for the courses and research projects at the institute. The current number of doctoral students thus increases to eleven.

  • 2019/05/24

    Innovative technologies at the German Institute for Virtual Reality

    Pascal Mosler (left) & Christian Eller (right) at the DIVR-Award

    The IIB at the DIVR award ceremony

    With the project “VR4Teach” (see also: “VR in lectures”, news article from February 28th, 2019) and the results of Pascal Mosler's bachelor thesis on virtual fire fighting with modern digital methods, the Institute of Numerical Methods and Informatics in Civil Engineering was represented at the DIVR award during the VR Science & Business Day of the Places Festival on March 23rd, 2019 in the Science Park Gelsenkirchen.

  • 2019/04/05

    Infoveranstaltung für Absolventinnen: Promovieren am Graduiertenkolleg KRITIS


    Das interdisziplinäre Graduiertenkolleg KRITIS möchte vor allem Frauen ermutigen, den Weg in die Wissenschaft zu wagen. Dazu lädt das Kolleg zu einer Infoveranstaltung mit Gelegenheit zum Austausch mit Wissenschaftlerinnen des Kollegs ein.