The IIB at the “Digital Coffee Roundtable”

Talk on the conception of the course “Geometric Modelling and Visualisation I”

2022/12/01 by

Pascal Mosler and Dimitri Haas gave a report on the challenge of conceptualising a new course holistically with all target groups in mind at the Digital Coffee Roundtable of the HessenHub on 8 November 2022.

The conceptualisation of a new course involves a tremendous amount of effort. When planning the module Geometric Modelling and Visualisation I (GMV I), this challenge was seen as an opportunity to develop a teaching concept that is holistic and tailored to the needs of the students from the very beginning, taking into account the principles of Constructive Alignment. Constructive alignment is a didactic concept in which the aspects of learning objectives, teaching and learning methods as well as examination methods are coordinated in the context of a course.

The research assistant of the Institute for Numerical Methods and Computer Science in Civil Engineering (IIB) Pascal Mosler, M.Sc. developed a teaching concept for GMV I for the winter term 2021/2022 and developed the learning materials together with four tutors. This includes a YouTube playlist with explanatory videos on construction methods in geometry and the “GMV trainer”, a self-developed software for monitoring the students' learning success. He won the HessenHub's 1st OER Prize (Open Educational Resources) for this work.

As part of the Digital Coffee Round organised by the HessenHub, he spoke together with tutor Dimitri Haas, who was significantly involved in the development of the software, about the concept of GMV I and gave a demonstration of the GMV trainer. In the following plenary discussion, the concept elicited positive feedback and received valuable tips for further development.