Visualisierung radioaktiver Strahlung mittels Augmented Reality

Visualising radioactive radiation using augmented reality

Bachelor thesis, Master thesis

Nuclear radiation is an invisible threat. This is problematic for occupational safety in nuclear power plants and interim or permanent repositories. What possibilities does augmented reality offer to make the ionising radiation visible on site?

Within the DABKO research project, the IIB is working on the dismantling of nuclear power plants. Here, digital methods are being developed to cut out activated concrete structures inside the power plant and pack them in standardised containers, which are then sent for final disposal. Since the activity of the concrete parts has been previously determined by measurement, a fairly accurate statement can be made about the subsequent activity distribution inside an individual container.

A major challenge in handling radioactively contaminated or activated materials is the emitted ionising radiation, which is harmful to health. Therefore, strict limit values and further occupational health and safety regulations based on ordinances and laws must be followed when handling such substances. This also applies to the handling of containers in repositories. In the context of this thesis, the emitted radiation of such containers is to be visualised to contribute to occupational health and safety. The visualisation is to be implemented using augmented reality and the game engine Unity, so that the real environment can be superimposed with the visualised radiation in perspective on site.

Pascal Mosler, M.Sc.

Basic knowledge of the programming language C#

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