XR4Hydro at the DIVR Award 2022

Nomination of the Extended Reality Platform for Digital Teaching in Engineering Hydrology (XR4Hydro) for the DIVR Award


The research project XR4Hydro was nominated for the DIVR Award and was presented at the DASA in Dortmund.

The DIVR Science Award of the German Institute for Virtual Reality rewards innovative Extended Reality (XR) projects from academia. This year's venue was the DASA in Dortmund. During the public “Science Fair” on 27 September 2022, a jury reviewed the nominated projects prior to the evening presentation of the DIVR Award for the best projects.

The research project XR4Hydro, which was developed by the Institute of Numerical Methods and Informatics in Civil Engineering (IIB) in cooperation with the Institute of Engineering Hydrology and Water Resources Management at TU Darmstadt, was also nominated and presented by the IIB research assistant Zhongxin Xia. XR4Hydro is a “low-cost” XR platform for digital teaching in engineering hydrology. Low-cost Cardboard VR devices enable students to quickly develop an understanding of area characteristics such as catchment size, topography, land use, precipitation, stream flow and runoff.