Funding period: 10/2020 - 03/2021

Extended Reality (XR) platform for digital teaching in engineering hydrology (XR4Hydro)

XR4Hydro is an XR platform for the creation of digital teaching aids to impart equipment and terrain knowledge in times of the coronavirus pandemic, but also to digitally enrich future classroom teaching.

The platform is based on the open source framework and is used for the interactive display of 3D panoramas. It runs using HTML5 directly in the browser on practically every computer and almost all current smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android). User interaction takes place through keyboard, mouse and touch inputs. With mobile devices, motion sensors support navigation through the panoramas. The change between the scenes is achieved through AR hotspots.

All information about the sensors, measuring devices and topography installed or used in the field laboratory is compiled and combined as AR content in the XR4Hydro model with photos, videos and GIS data. With a drone flight, additional aerial photos are created at selected locations and expanded with AR content, so that the students get a comprehensive technical insight.

XR4Hydro is intended to be an inexpensive and simple solution. The use of inexpensive cardboards gives the students an impression of the characteristics of the area, such as the size of the catchment area, topography, land use, rainfall, course of flowing water, runoff, etc.

The project was carried out in cooperation with the Institute for Engineering Hydrology and Water Management of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at TU Darmstadt.

The project was funded by the decentralized means for quality assurance in teaching of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at TU Darmstadt.