Survey of the Einhardsbasilika Michelstadt

The IIB participates in a digital survey of a historical basilica in the Odenwald

2021/06/28 by

As part of a cooperation between the IIB, the Odenwald Learning & Research Center and WOODFILM, the Einhardsbasilika in Michelstadt was scanned using several drones and a high-precision laser scanner from the inside and outside.

The survey included photogrammetric surveys of the building of Carolingian origin and point clouds of the interior. The Learning and Research Center Odenwald uses the data for a workshop with students and is supported by the IIB and WOODFILM (film production). The data will be used to create a digital model of the building, which will be inserted into a game game engine in the context of serious gaming and immersive teaching scenarios.

A part of the data has already been evaluated and processed into a 3D model 3D model of the Einhardsbasilika.