Game night at IIB

A 'Thank you' to our student assisstants


On Thursday, 10.10.2019, a game night took place at the IIB. Since a barbecue ban was declared once again this year in Darmstadt, the Institute used this opportunity instead to thank the student assistants for the preparation and supervision of the courses as well as the support in the various research projects.

Game night at IIB (Photo: Hoffmann)

On Thursday, 10.10.2019, the first official game night of the IIB took place. Guests of honour were the student assistants who support the IIB in preparing and supervising the courses and in various research projects. The evening was sponsored by the IIB's Förderverein, so there was plenty of food in the form of pizzas, soft drinks and various snacks. Contrary to what one is accustomed to from the institute with an affinity for digitisation, the classical analog game was played: The participants demonstrated their acting talent and creativity in the games “Werewolf” and “CODENAMES”. The IIB would like to thank all participants for a happy evening!