Course: IMV
Winter term

Engineer-suitable Modelling and Visualisation

Course contents

  • Advanced parameterized semantic modeling of constructions
  • Rendering and immersion for engineering applications (e.g., virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR))
  • Exemplary application of the methods on examples from Civil‐ and Environmental Engineering

Latest information

Current notes and announcements about the course are provided via Moodle.

General Informationen

Term Winter term
Lecture time Mondays 16:15 – 17:55
Room L5|01 43
Requirements Knowledge in computer science in civil engineering
Hours per week (SWS) 2 + 2
Creditpoints (CP) 6
Language of instruction German
Classification M.Sc. module for the courses:
M.Sc. Civil Engineering
M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
M.Sc. Engineering Management – Specialisation Civil Engineering
M.Sc. Computational Engineering
M.Sc. Informatics (Application Subject Building Informatics)
Lecture period 16.10.2023 – 09.02.2024
Schedule Monday (weekly)
16:15 – 17:55
Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Rüppel
Phone +49 6151 / 16-21331
Consultation Digital, by appointment
Exercise adviser Benedikt Kandler, M.Sc.
Schedule Start 1. Exercise
  • TBA
End 1. Exercise
  • TBA
Start 2. Exercise
  • TBA
End 2. Exercise
  • TBA
Issue and submission of the exercises via the platform Moodle. The registration is performed automatically by subscribing for the lecture in TUCaN.
Consultation Block tutorials are supervised on a weekly basis via Zoom at the times listed. Additional office hours are to be arranged.
Office hours Room
Wednesdays (weekly)
13:30 – 15:10
L5|01 226a and digital
Colloquia (participation mandatory) 1. Exercise
  • TBA
2. Exercise
  • TBA
Date 07.03.2024
Time TBA
Room TBA
90 min
Allowed aid One DIN-A4 page, double-sided, hand written or printed
Registration Prior exam registration in TUCaN is required.
Post-exam review TBA
The exam questions will be in German language. Answers may be provided in English, previous notification is required. Please consult the adviser.

Additional information for the exercises

Software: Autodesk products for students and Unity are available for free (login with TU-email address).

(Programming) languages: C#, SQL/SQLite

Moodle: Registration for the course in moodle is completed upon TUCaN signup. Additional information is subsequently provided in Moodle.

Exercises: The exercise assignments will be done in groups of three or four.

At the end every exercise will be completed by a colloquium. In this colloquium all students must present and showcase their results.