New research project at IIB begins

Semantic Construction Project Engineering (SCOPE)


On the 1st of June 2018, the institute begins work on a new research project. SCOPE (Semantic Construction Project Engineering ) will be conducted in cooperation with the Ed. Züblin AG and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) over a period of 3 years as part of the research initiative “Energiewendebauen”.

New research project: SCOPE

The research project SCOPE, fully titled “Software Independent-Loss-Free Project Data Environment and Federal-Self-Describing Parametric Modeling of Multifunctional Building Products Based on the Semantic Web Focusing on the Building Envelope”, addresses the topic of integrating complex construction products into the project planning of construction projects.

The goal of this research project is the development of a federal, self-describing product database for building envelope components, tools and methods for data preparation and filtering, as well as a platform for software-independent loss-free data storage for building projects over the entire building life cycle. Innovative, multi-functional façade elements can play a key role for future buildings with regard to minimal primary energy consumption and high user comfort: In addition to typical functions, they can for example use renewable energy sources or contribute to the building’s ventilation. The integration of these elements into construction processes can, however, not be sufficiently ensured by the application of currently available Building Information Modelling (BIM) methods due to their limited interoperability. Among other things, a web-based, federal, self-describing database for virtual building envelope components will be developed to further facilitate the utilisation of multi-functional façade elements during planning, construction and operation. This approach can also be applied to other building components, in particular if they have cross-trade multi-functionality. Aside the virtual product database, methods will be developed to enable handling of the typically high level of detail of façade elements without impairing the performance of processing IT programs. The data and methods required for this will be combined in a web-based project platform. The developed product database, tools for model-processing, and the project-platform will be tested in pilot applications with associated industry partners.

SCOPE is a collaborative project between Fraunhofer ISE, Ed. Züblin AG and the IIB. In addition, associated partners will be involved in the research project during the project. Associated partners of the research project are: Robert Bosch GmbH, Köster Lichtplanung, Scheldebouw B.V, PROSTEP AG, WAREMA Renkhoff SE and SUNOVATION.

At the institute the research project will be worked on by Anna Wagner, Meiling Shi, André Hoffmann und Tim Huyeng. We look forward to working with Ed. Züblin AG and Fraunhofer ISE.

Additional information can be found on the project's research page .