Konzeption und Entwicklung immersiver VR/AR-Multiplayer-Anwendungen

Concept and development of immersive VR/AR multiplayer applications

Bachelor thesis, Master thesis

So far, only a few multiplayer scenarios exist for professional virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) environments. What are the differences in the conception and development of such an application compared to a conventional single user application?

In the construction and environmental sectors, teamwork is the norm. In contrast, VR and AR applications in this field are often only tailored to a single person (single user application). Conversely, the use of such an application requires additional people for set-up and monitoring. As a result, the average VR/AR application is used inefficiently.

In the context of the thesis, first an overview of existing multiplayer applications in the construction and environmental sector should be given. Then, based on the multiplayer network Photon and the game engine Unity, an application should be developed in which several people on different platforms (e.g. PC, smartphone, VR glasses) can be in the same immersive space at the same time and interact with each other. In particular, aspects of communication, the synchronisation of activities and the visualisation of the other persons, e.g. with the help of avatars, are to be taken into account and integrated into the application.

Note: You can submit your own suggestions and ideas for specific topics or tasks.

Pascal Mosler, M.Sc.

Basic knowledge of the programming language C#

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