Einpflegung und Aufbereitung großer Punktwolken-Daten in Game Engines

Punktwolken, Game Engine, Serious Gaming, VR/AR

Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, Studienarbeit (WiBi)

Importing and Processing Large Point Cloud Data in Game Engines

As a result of a cooperation between the IIB, the Odenwald Learning and Research Centre and the film production studio WOODFILM, the historically significant Einhardsbasilica in Michelstadt was digitally surveyed using drones and a laser scanner. In the process, large amounts of data were generated, including point clouds of the Carolingian building and the surrounding houses. This data is to be imported into game engines and processed for further use.

As part of the thesis, an overview of the basic possibilities of importing large point clouds into common game engines (Unity, Unreal) and processing them into a textured 3D model is to be created. Subsequently, the model of the Einhard Basilica should be analysed, imported and prepared in the context of serious gaming and interactive teaching scenarios for different hardware (PC, smartphone, VR, AR). The findings from the ongoing thesis will serve for a workshop conducted by the Odenwald Learning and Research Centre, in which the model of the basilica will be developed by students into a walk-through, virtual history tour.

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Pascal Mosler, M.Sc.

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Photo and simplified 3D model of the Einhardsbasilika Michelstadt