Abschlussarbeiten im Rahmen des Forschungsprojekts DABKO

Theses as part of the DABKO research project

Bachelor thesis, Master thesis

As a result of the decided nuclear phase-out, the proper dismantling of nuclear power plants is in the focus of research. The dismantling and final disposal of radioactive waste is associated with high costs. Moreover, there is only limited space available in the final repository. Which contribution to mastering this challenge do digital methods from engineering informatics have to offer?

Within the DABKO research project, the IIB is researching methods for optimising the dismantling of nuclear power plants together with the Institute for Nuclear Physics at the TU Darmstadt, the engineering service provider AFRY and TÜV SÜD ET. Here, digital methods such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and simulations with the game engine Unity are used.

To carry out this exciting research project, theses with individually tailored topics are continuously being assigned. Possible subject areas include BIM, optimization algorithms and Virtual Reality. A thesis within the DABKO project has a high practical value and provides a comprehensive insight into the challenges of dismantling nuclear power plants and the final disposal of radioactive waste.

Please contact the scientific staff members of DABKO for further information on possible topics for theses.

Pascal Mosler, M.Sc.
Benedikt Kandler, M.Sc.

various e.g. BIM, Python or C#

As of now

Dismantling of the Stade nuclear power plant