Analyse der Anwendungsmöglichkeiten der Apple RoomPlan® API zur Erstellung von 3D-Modellen im Bau- und Umweltwesen

Use case analysis of the Apple RoomPlan® API for the creation of 3D models in the construction and environmental sector

Bachelor thesis, Master thesis

RoomPlan® is a framework for creating 3D models of interiors using the sensors of mobile devices. Information captured by the camera and a LiDAR sensor is used to distinguish windows, furniture and walls from one another. For the application of this technology in the construction and environmental sector, it is necessary to identify possible applications and to check the suitability of the framework mentioned.

The digital surveillance of onsite quantities, the documentation of the construction progress, indoor navigation and the location of construction defects in the building is enabled by technologies for the recording of room dimensions and building structure. For example, processed wall surfaces could be recorded within a room and then automatically evaluated when creating the digital onsite quantity record. Up to now, special laser scanners, which generate a point cloud with the desired accuracy, have been used to record such 3D data. However, this data must be laboriously processed for further use in the so-called scan-to-BIM process. The RoomPlan® API was designed for the collection and processing of 3D data with a standard smartphone. As part of the research, it should be examined whether and for which applications in the construction and environmental sector the 3D models created with RoomPlan® can be used.

For this purpose, the following points need to be considered in more detail:

  • With what accuracy is the 3D model created? Both the recognition of objects and special wall shapes as well as the accuracy of length measurements in the model should be checked.
  • In what form can the 3D model be accessed?
  • Identification of use cases for scanned 3D models in the construction and environmental sector and analysis of the associated requirements for the generated model

Note: You can submit your own suggestions and ideas for specific topics or tasks.

Maximilian Gehring, M.Sc.
Pascal Mosler, M.Sc.

Basic knowledge of a programming language (C#, Python, JavaScript, Swift)

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