High Performance Engineering Simulations (HSI)

High Performance Engineering Simulations (HSI)

Course contents

  • Numerical computation methods (Finite Element Method)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Parallel simulations und models for engineering
  • Computer architectures and network topologies
  • Parallel programming paradigms and implementation parallel algorithms
  • Exemplary application of the methods on examples from Civil- and Environmental Engineering

Current Notes

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General Informationen

Term: Winter term
Lecture time: Mondays 13:30 – 15:00
Room: L5|01 – 45a
Requirements: Knowledge in an object-oriented programming language
Hours per week: 2+2
Creditpoints: 6
Language of instruction: German
Classification: M.Sc. module for the courses:
Dipl. Civil Engineering (major in computer science in civil engineering)
M.Sc. Civil Engineering
M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
M.Sc. Engineering Management – Specialisation Civil Engineering
M.Sc. Computational Engineering
M.Sc. Informatic (Application Subject Building Informatics)

Course offering details

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Lutz Lämmer (apl.)
Consultation: by appointment
Start of lectures: Monday, 14.10.2019
Last lecture: Monday, 10.02.2020
Auditorium: L5|01 – 45a
Time: 13:30 – 15:10
Exercise adviser: Patrick Scheich, M.Sc.
Consultation: Room L5|01 – 225a, by appointment
Exercise schedule: TOP 500 Presentations
Start 1. Assignment (OpenCL)
End 1. Assignment
Start 2. Assignment (MPI + Cannon)
End 2. Assignment
Start 3. Assignment (FEM + PCG Solver)
End 3. Assignment
Issue and submission of the exercises via moodle.
Will be announced in the lecture.


  • The Sourcebook of Parallel Computing, J. Dongarra, I. Foster, G. Fox, Morgan Kaufman Publ Inc
  • Introduction to Parallel Computing, A. Grama, A. Gupta G. Karypis, Addison Wesley Pub Co Inc
  • Cluster Computing, H. Bauke, S. Mertens, Springer, Berlin
  • Parallele Programmierung, T. Rauber, G. Rünger, Springer, Berlin
  • Programming Massively Parallel Processors, D. Kirk, W. Hwu, Morgan Kaufman Publ Inc