Research method

BIM-based building with RFID

Research method

The focus of the research work concerning the exchange of chosen process date between the DEBt (intelligent part of the building) and the BIM must be on the use of the already developed software and hardware solution. Besides the transfer with customary software should be possible. Thereby the solution must not be a closed one between the partial projects of the ARGE RDIDimBau. The advancement of the software on a prototype level is necessary in order to demonstrate the interfaces and the possibilities of data exchange with relevant examples. To be able to provide the connection of the building products and the facility management processes to preexisting classification systems, article catalogs and other documentation systems it is necessary to examine the tagging and the standards for the use of this process data for the RFID technology.

So far the partial projects have their own data needs based on the content-related boundaries. They create and record different process data. To use the data cross-border the partial projects and connect it to standardized classification systems the following approach is planned: initially the data from the partial projects will be synchronized and the data which can be taken over and be used again will be determined. Besides the content the detail depth and the format of the present data play a role. As a result of the analysis and the comparisons a common set of data of the ARGE RFIDimBau will be defined. For the cross-border projects use of the data an overall concept will developed which includes a standardized data storage in a form of collectively usable database (L1 Standard) and a standard for a collaborative exchange of data (L2 Standard). By the means of selected example uses the usability of the data will be demonstrated.

Beside the standardized exchange of data from the partial process data standardized numbers for tagging and identifying building products shall be extended in order to complete standardized numbering systems for the classification of all building products with the result that existing classification systems (e.g. Bauclass, ecl@ss) and article catalogs can be used.

The overall concept shall demonstrated with two representative ARGE RFIDimBau example applications.

After the evaluation of the overall concept the implementation of pilot applications on a prototyping level and the trial with partners from the field will follow. For the communication of the overall usage of RFID-based solutions a prototype with integrated pilot applications will be created which can be exhibited in building and training facilities and moreover it can be shown on exhibitions and thus be presented to the public.

The project leadership within the ARGE RFIDimBau will be with the BUW. It will coordinate the project and the contextual agreement among the project partners.