Research with BIM for Fire Protection


Research with BIM for Fire Protection

FeuerTRUTZ International eMagazine (Issue 1.2017)

This articel describes the applications and impact of Building Information Modelling (BIM) with special focus on passive and acitve fire protection as well as firefighting.

Issue FeuerTRUTZ International (1.2017)
Issue FeuerTRUTZ International (1.2017)

The free eMagazine FeuerTRUTZ International offers a broad range of specialist information to planners, experts, contractors and manufacturers in the area of preventive fire protection.
With current project reports, background information on important industry subjects, examples of best practice and product presentations, FeuerTRUTZ International is providing valuable practical knowledge and a regular overview of the market.

FeuerTRUTZ International 1.2017

  • Focus Tunnel Safety: Well Protected Under the Mountain
  • Research with BIM for Fire Protection
  • Fire Safety in Garment Factories

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Research with BIM for Fire Protection

Rüppel, Uwe; Zwinger, Uwe; Kreger, Michael; Schatz, Kristian: Research with BIM for Fire Protection. In: FeuerTRUTZ International, Issue 1.2017, Feuertrutz Network GmbH, Köln, January 2017, S. 8-13.


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